Remy Swaab

Professional Profile

Remy Swaab holds degrees in Financing and Banking as well as in Computer Science and Systems, both from the Universidad del Istmo in Panama where he additionally took advanced specialized courses in Business Administration, Marketing, Accounting, and Economy. He maintains ongoing studies in the IT realm to keep up with the ever-changing technology. He is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Dutch.

Mr. Swaab has diverse networking and interpersonal skills as well as extensive knowledge of business management and dynamic leadership. He has widespread experience having worked in different industries such as Technology, Financial Services, Shipping and Logistics, Advertising and Real Estate, mainly occupying C-level positions. He has set up multiple commercial companies and partook in the co-founding of different associations (both professional and recreational). He has been asked to join multiple Boards of Directors, mainly occupying the Chairman position during his collaboration.

Additionally, Mr. Swaab has been involved intermittently with World Trade Center Panama since its construction in 1996. Strengthening his commitment in 2010 when he was appointed as the Chairman of Board. During this time he focused the heading on improving communications and maximizing revenue sources. He was also involved in international trade and economic relations of other WTCs through the World Trade Centers Association. He has cooperated with the WTCA as the consultant of the Digital Task Force Committee. At this time Remy Swaab has the positions of International Liaison of World Trade Center Panama and was elected in 2015 and 2019 as a board member to represent the Latin American Region in the WTCA Board of Directors. He is also a member and the chairman of the Digital Steering Committee.

His additional business interests include companies dedicated to Banking and Fintech Technology, Commercial Real Estate Management and International Business.